A Healthy Carpet Equals a Healthy Home - Less Volatile Organic Compounds

Lots of people have no idea whatsoever as to just what the acronym VOC stands for. To bring you up to par on what this stands for, VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are emitted from many household items, namely furniture and walls, and can also be chemicals that we drag in from outside, like car pollution that seeps in when you open the door, or pollution and chemicals that have attached to the bottoms of our shoes and enter our homes as we walk inside.

In fact, recent studies by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have proven that the pollution inside of our homes, due to these VOCs, is actually two to three times more prevalent than the pollution that we breathe outside. Fortunately there are ways to win the battle against VOCs, but to effectively do so you need to start from the bottom up and wage a firm war against volatile organic compounds--choosing VOC-free area rugs is just one of many ways you can choose to win this fight against interior pollution.

What to avoid

VOCs can be emitted from thousands of products that you have in and around your home. From the gasses that are emitted from the paint on your walls, to the finishing on your furniture, even to the glue that holds your carpeting in place, not to mention the stain protectors that most carpeting is treated with and the chemicals that are used to clean your carpets by the local cleaning company. There are some ways that you can battle VOCs and try to minimize the interior emission of these health hazardous chemicals that can cause long term health issues over a large portion of time.

Only use all-natural cleaners and sprays to clean your home

Assure that when you have your carpeting and area rugs cleaned the chemicals are natural and eco-friendly

Remove your shoes when entering your home--shoes can drag in hundreds of pollutants that can easily contribute to the VOC levels in your home

Open your windows and air out your home at least several times per week

Add more natural plants to your home, like ferns and spider plants, which have been proven to consume many VOC gases

Vacuum as often as possible, at least once per week, and at least twice per week if you have active pets

Major changes you can make to eliminate VOCs

If you are ready for massive changes there are other things that you can do to rid your home of VOCs. Buy carpeting for your home made from all-natural and environmentally friendly materials, and use tacks or carpet nails instead of glue to hold your new carpeting down. Only buy chemical-free and VOC-free, EPA approved furnishings, like all natural area rugs and chairs, tables, etc., that have been certified as VOC-free. Keep your eye out for any thing that can be placed in your home that may emit VOCs. Read up on the issue often and find places that offer all-natural materials furnishings that won't emit these harmful gases in your home.


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